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Of Bricks & Light: Fabled Façades

Of Bricks & Light: Fabled Façades

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Attributed to Carleton Watkins (1825-1916): “Residence of J. C. Flood, Menlo Park, California.” Albumen print published by I. W. Taber, circa 1885.

Unidentified photographer: Volkstheater, Vienna. Albumen print, circa 1885.

Knud Knudsen (Norway, 1832-1915): “Husum I Laerdal.” Albumen print,circa 1889.

Édouard-Denis Baldus (France, 1813-1889): “Porte de la Bibliothèque du Louvre (quai).” Albumen print, circa 1860.

Andries Jager (Holland): De Hal, Haarlem. Albumen print, circa 1870.

Samuel Bourne (England, 1834-1912): “Vishnu Pud and Other Temples near the Burning Gat, Benares.” Albumen print, circa 1865.

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