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rights and permissions


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Researchers and curators are invited to e-mail [email protected] to query about the availability of images in any particular subject area or category.

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Curators, Picture Researchers, Television Producers and Historians Are Invited to Contact Us Regarding Historic Photographs in the Collection.

We’re pleased to offer custom picture research for broadcast and print projects, providing access to thousands of images that are not available online.

Images have been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution, the New York Public Library, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the High Museum, Krannert Art Museum and the Southeast Museum of Photography–among other institutions.

Photographs from the Collection have been published in Smithsonian, The Wall Street Journal, The Independent (London), American History Illustrated, Life and History of Photography: An International Quarterly as well as in numerous textbooks and trade-edition books. We’ve provided publishers and designers with cover images for CDs and books.

Other recent projects include spirit photographs for a traveling exhibition organized by the Magasin 3 Museum of Art in Stockholm as well as images for the credits of the film “Darkness Falls” (Columbia/Sony Pictures.) We’ve furnished photographs for public television documentaries including “American Passages,” “John Brown,” “The U.S.–Mexican War,” “The Irish in America: Long Journey Home,” and the Ken Burns production, “The West.” A number of images were selected by Drs. Naomi Rosenblum and Barbara Tannenbaum for the traveling exhibition “A History of Women Photographers.”

shown: Unidentified Photographer, Woman Writing Letters. Sixth-plate (2-3/4 x 3-1/4 inches) daguerreotype. Exhibited, “Secrets of the Dark Chamber,” National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution (1995)

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