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Giacamo Brogi (Italy, 1822-1881): Panorama of Florence with Effect of Snow. Albumen print, circa 1875

Unidentified photographer: (U.S.): Street Scene, Laramie, Wyoming. Albumen print, circa 1890

Unidentified photographer (Scotland): Edinburgh from Calton Hill. Calotype, circa 1845

B. Riemann, publisher (New Zealand): "Dunedin (North) from the Octagon." Albumen print, circa 1865

Fratelli Alinari, Italy (?): Piazza di Campidoglio, Rome. Albumen print, circa 1890

Harry T. Shriver (U.S., 1831-1928): Rooftops of New York City after a Snowfall. Autochrome, circa 1910

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