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Welcome to the Main Entrance of The American Museum of Photography

Welcome to the Main Entrance of The American Museum of Photography

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Preserving and Protecting Photographs

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Whether you’re a collector with fragile 150-year old images or the caretaker of a family album, we can help you get started on the job of preserving and protecting your treasured photographs.

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The door is always open at the Director’s office. He’ll be happy to tell you about the Museum and its affiliated Collection of five thousand classic photographs.

The Registrar helps researchers and curators search the collection, and arranges Rights and Permissions for broadcast & print.

Collectors: Occasionally we locate images that may be of interest to other collections. Please click here if you wish to have your interests on file in our database.



Wm. B. Becker’s one-man play about Civil War-era photographer Mathew Brady. Click on the image to see photographs from performances at the Smithsonian!

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