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Photography as a Fine ARF! Gallery One — American Museum of Photography

Photography as a Fine ARF! Gallery One — American Museum of Photography


Ross and Judi Becker, Publisher and Editor of Good Dog! Magazine, were killed June 14, 2001 on Interstate 26 near Columbia, South Carolina.  Their readers, friends, and family miss them very much.

In memory of Ross & Judi Becker



An exhibition of photographs in which dogs behave like people… and people are transformed into dogs!

One of the best-known contemporary photographers is William Wegman, who has depicted his Weimaraners in all sorts of costumes and dramatic situations. Wegman’s photographs and videos have been shown in major museums and galleries around the world, and they connect with many viewers because they probe the centuries-old bond between humans and canines.

This exhibition presents a selection of historical photographs that also explore the complex relationships of people and dogs. Most were made a century or more before Wegman, and some hark back to the earliest years of photography, when technical challenges made any image of an animal a rarity.

The second part of “Photography as a Fine ARF!” features a group of photocollages by a dog breeder with a brash, creative eye–and a penchant for turning humans into dogs. Or was she trying to turn dogs into humans?

Either way, we hope you find these photographs a fitting tribute to Man’s Best Friend.


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Bell & Clayton (Philadelphia): White Poodle

Sixth-plate daguerreotype with applied coloring, 1850s

J.E. Carpenter (LeRoy, New York): Three Boys and a Dog

Quarter-plate daguerreotype, lightly tinted, taken August 27, 1854

Unidentified photographer (U.S.): Sit!

Quarter-plate tintype, circa 1860

Briggs, Artistic Photographer (Pendleton, Oregon): A Fire-Dog

Albumen print cabinet card, circa 1888

H. Wade and Son (Franklinville, New York): Out for a Stroll

Albumen or other silver print on cabinet card mount, circa 1895

Schmedling Studio (Chattanooga, Tennessee): Advertising Card for Cole the Hatter

Albumen print cabinet card, circa 1875

George B. Sperry (Toledo, Ohio): Two Double Portraits of a Boy and his Dog

Collodion print cabinet cards, circa 1895



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