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Exhibitions of the American Museum of Photography

Exhibitions of the American Museum of Photography


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early modernist photography modernism and modernist photographs before Photo-Secession
photo-illustrations by Clarence H. White Photo-Secessionist illustrates a story

Lumiere Autochromes  the first color photographs natural color photos on glass made with potato starch




There are plenty of clues– but can you solve the mystery of these “True Crime” photographs?

black and white crime photographs  staged  vintage photos from pulp magazines

black and white photographs - BW photos from the 1930s by Shotaro Shimomura of Japan - Japanese art photography


Enter the private universe of Scott Mutter, America’s Master of Montage.

The only authorized web exhibit of Mutter’s Surrational Images®


A Flurry of Little White Lies Adds Up to a Blizzard of Photographic Fakes!


Dr. Jekyll meets Mr. Hyde… and a man gives himself a ride in a wheelbarrow… thanks to clever double-exposures made over a century ago.

Rare photographs offer glimpses of Black history… from slavery to Tuskegee


Ghosts & Ectoplasm Captured by the Camera!

A child whispers “I see dead people” and millions of moviegoers feel a chill go up their spines. More than a century ago, however, photographs of ghosts were greeted as joyous proof that the spirit survives after death. Were these images the result of manipulations — or miracles? View this exhibit, weigh the evidence… then, you decide.

The Outlandish World of
William H. “Dad” Martin

Did You Ever Have

Dream Like This?

Roping a Rampaging Rabbit, Corn-Cobs the Size of Telephone Poles, and Other Tall Tales Brought to Life, 1908-1912


The Dogs Are Almost Human… and People Turn Into Pooches… In This Exhibit of Canine Camera Classics!


Click here to View the Exhibit, "The Daguerreotypes of Southworth & Hawes"

Forgotten for 60 years in a Massachusetts basement, these portraits by the first American masters of photography are from a group of 240 Southworth & Hawes daguerreotypes sold at a landmark auction in 1999. Presented with period readings and a report from the auction room floor.



From the Invention of Photography to the Vision of Ansel Adams… Great Classics and Seldom-Seen Masterpieces, 1840–1975

At Ease

Take a fresh look at some of the earliest photographs: AT EASE is a selection of American portrait daguerreotypes from around 1850 with wonderfully relaxed, cordial attitudes.


Of Bricks and Light

Architectural Photographs 1845-1915

From the banks of the Ganges to the frontier streets of Laramie, Wyoming– this international exhibition celebrates photography, architecture, and the creative spirit. Five galleries bring you grand vistas, fabled facades, destruction and preservation…and more.



These small card photographs–in a format generally used for portraits–pack a lot of visual punch in a very small space. This interactive exhibit includes interiors, groups, landscapes and pioneering photojournalism from the 1860s and 1870s.

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